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About Inuvik

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Inuvik sun rise

The colour and vitality of Inuvik will take you by surprise. You'll see paved streets lined with brightly coloured houses on pilings, dome-shaped buildings and the strange snakelike utilidor system.

In the summer, the town hums with activity. Tourists walk the streets and air charter and construction companies take advantage of the continuous daylight.

A planned community, Inuvik offers the comforts of urban living in an arctic setting. Visitors can experience several cultures here, and true frontier hospitality.

Inuvik is situated on the East Channel of the Mackenzie Delta. At 133˚43' west longitude, it is 10 degrees farther west than Vancouver, British Columbia. The community is within the taiga forest, just south of the tree line and west of the open tundra. The Arctic Ocean is only 97 kilometres north and the Arctic Circle is 200 kilometres to the south.

With the summer's 24 hour sunlight, there is plenty of time for visitors to experience the vast wilderness at Inuvik's doorstep. Winter is the time for "noon moon" activities such as driving on ice roads, snowmobiling, dog sledding and curling. The Inuvik area is a snowmobiler's heaven, with 10,000 kilometres of Mackenzie Delta channels to explore, as well as tundra trails north to the Beaufort Sea coast and west into the Richardson Mountains.

The Aurora Borealis ("northern lights") can be seen during the dark months. Locals say that Inuvik is so far north that they have to look south to see the northern lights!

Some residents earn their living hunting, trapping and fishing, but most are employed in government and aboriginal offices or in transportation, construction, petroleum exploration and tourism companies.



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