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Getting Here

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Before you leave for Inuvik, it would be advantageous to complete some basic research. Whether that is searching  Google, watching videos, following social media or just browsing through this website, every bit of information you can find will be beneficial upon your arrival and will make it easier to adjust and connect with the community.

Getting to Inuvik is fairly simple, as you only have two options on how you may travel. You can either drive or fly (unless you live in a nearby community and then maybe the ice roads in the winter time are a third option).


If driving, the Dempster Highway, which starts in Dawson City, Yukon and ends in Inuvik, is your lone choice. The highway is Canada's only all-weather road that crosses the Arctic Circle and driving the unpaved, gravel is an adventure in itself. Those who choose this option are blessed with spectacular scenery and plenty of chances to spot wildlife.


Download a Local Highway Information Sheet for Contact Info on Highway Conditions


Flying to Inuvik is the most popular option and for those moving here from a distance, it is usually the most convenient. There are two airlines that fly to and from Inuvik. 

Canadian North

Air North

Depending on where you are flying from, you may need to arrange a flight with another airline before reaching a destination where airlines that serve Inuvik are located.

Car Rentals
If you need a rental vehicle during your stay in Inuvik, Driving Force services the Inuvik area with two locations (a kiosk in the airport and their offices located at 170 Airport Road).
Gas Stations

Northwind Petroleum Ltd.
17 Distributor Street

Arctic Dove Gas Bar
74 Navy Road

Bob's Welding Gas Station
11-1 Industrial Road

Taxi Service

Inuvik is served by two taxi companies:

United Taxi

Delta Cabs
867-777-5100 or 867-777-5888


Below you will find some commonly asked questions about Inuvik and their subsequent answers:

"Where exactly is Inuvik located?"

Inuvik is located at 68° 21′ 42″ N, 133° 43′ 50″ W. Inuvik is positioned along the East Channel of the Mackenzie River Delta and is 97 km south of the Beaufort Sea. Inuvik is 10 degrees farther west than Vancouver and 2 degrees above the Arctic Circle.

"What is the population of Inuvik"?

The population of Inuvik is 3,536 according to NWT Bureau of Statistics (2018).

"How cold can it get in the winter and how warm does it get in the summer?"

The extreme low is -56.7 degrees Celsius (-70.06 degrees Fahrenheit). The extreme high is +31.7 degrees Celsius (89.06 degrees Fahrenheit). The mean average temperature over the course of one year is -9.7 degrees Celsius.

"Is it true that the sun does not set in the summertime?"

Inuvik enjoys 56 days of 24 hour daylight (late June, July and part of August) and has 30 days without sunlight, mostly in the month of December, with the return of the sun in early January.

"How can I obtain further information on Inuvik and the Beaufort Delta region?"

For further information please email: