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Included in this section are copies of the most commonly requested by-laws. They are listed in numerical order in Adobe Acrobat (.PDF) format.

*Please note that not all municipal by-laws are posted on the Town's website. The by-laws available on this website are provided for reference and information purposes only. Persons requiring information for official purposes should contact the Town Office at 867-777-8600.

514   Street Naming By-law

547   Fire Hydrant By-law

815A Amendment to Street Naming By-law 514

910    Mobile Unit Assessment By-law

1024  Property Tax Exemption for Churches

1025   Dangerous Goods Routing By-law Amendment

1030   Smoke Detector By-law Amendment

1119   Dangerous Goods Routing By-law Amendment

1185   Property Tax Exemption for Non-profit Societies

1215   Garbage Collection By-law

1220   Property Tax Installment Payment Plan

1224   Garbage Collection By-law Amendment

1281   Garbage Collection By-law Amendment

1286   To Establish Property Classes

1317   Quarry By-law

1369   Land Administration By-law

1531   Water and Sewer Administration, Management and Operations By-law

1801   Anti-Litter By-law

1804   Unsightly Land & Premises By-law

1864   Scavenging By-law

2016   By-law to Authorize Borrowing for the Inuvik Family Centre

2047   Cemetery By-law

2238   By-law to To Establish a Riverfront Camp Policy   View Policy

2541   Borrowing By-law - Water Treatment Plant

2254   Amendment to Street Naming By-law 514

2256   Director of Public Services Appointment

2360   Term of Office for Council Members

2397   Sidewalk Clearing By-law

2403   Amendment to Street Naming By-law 514

2441   Idling By-law

2442   By-law to Regulate the Demolition, Removal or Alteration of Abandoned and Derelict Buildings or Structures, Vegetation or Waste

2456   Animal Control By-law

2457   Lottery Regulations By-law

2471   Muskrat Jamboree Half Day Civic Holiday By-law

2492   Senior Administrative Officer Appointment

2496   Noise By-law

2498   Solid Waste Levy By-law

2504   Dumping Fees By-law

2514   Set Offs By-law

2518   Director of Protective Services Appointment

2515   Highway Traffic By-law

2530   Financial Administration By-law

2533   2012 Tax Reduction By-law

2558   Procurement Policy

2565   Amendment to Highway Traffic By-law 2515

2566   Fire Department Services By-law and Fees for Service

2567   Fire Department Establishment By-law

2568   Amendment to Highway Traffic By-law 2515

2577   Passenger Transportation By-law

2581   Burning Permit By-law

2582   Town of Inuvik Community Plan
2583   Town of Inuvik Zoning By-law
2584   Director of Finance Appointment
2588   Water and Sewer Utility Rates By-law
2591   Borrowing By-law - Water Treatment Plant
2593   Zoning By-law Amendment
2594   Community Plan By-law Amendment
2596   Tax Reduction By-law

2597   By-law Enforcement Officer Appointment

2598   To Adopt a Fees and Charges Policy     View Policy           

2599   To Repeal Recreation By-laws 2188 and 2579

2600   Forgiveness of Debt

2604   Licensed Premises By-law

2606   To Adopt a Personnel Directive Policy

2608   To Adopt a Municipal Corporate Seal

2616   Director of Protective Services Appointment

2617   2018 Annual Tax Levy By-law

2618   Council Indemnity By-law

2619   Council Proceedings By-law

2620   Borrowing By-law (Corporate Credit Card)

2621   Borrowing By-law (Line of Credit)

2622   Zoning By-law Amendment 

2624   2019 Interim Tax Billing By-law

2625   To Repeal By-laws No Longer In Effect

2626   By-law Enforcement Officer Appointment

2628   Acting Senior Administrative Officer By-law

2629   Smoking By-law

2630   Business Licence By-law

2631   To Repeal By-laws No Longer In Effect

2632   All-terrain Vehicles By-law

2636   Firearms By-law