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TRC Calls to Action

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TRC Calls to Action

The TRC (Truth and Reconciliation Commission) released its final report in September 2015. This voluminous 3700-page document concluded with 94 Calls to Action aimed at various levels of government to “redress the legacy of residential schools and advance the process of Canadian reconciliation” (TRC, 2015, p.1). Although no single government, especially not a municipality the size of Inuvik, can be expected to address all of the Calls to Action, it is important to recognize the work being done and work that can be done in the future to advance reconciliation and decolonization in our community.

Although most of the calls are well outside the scope of a municipal government, there are five which directly identify municipal governments as having a role. Still, within these calls, some require direct action from another level of government that the municipal government would support. Additionally, there are seven that make the call to all levels of government which the municipal government can contribute to the actions taken.

Municipal governments - big and small - across the nation have led the way in responding to the Calls to Action. The Town of Inuvik is no exception. To date, we have had no formal response, however, given the demographics of our community and community leadership, it is natural that this work be incorporated into our daily work and decision-making processes and that we are incorporating reconciliation and decolonization practices formally and informally as opportunities arise. 

Within our 2016-2021 Strategic Plan, our Vision exemplifies the spirit of the TRC Calls to Action. The Vision Statement outlines what we want our community to be and provides a basis for future decision-making and activities:

“Inuvik is a welcoming, culturally diverse community that celebrates its Arctic context while demonstrating innovation, excellence and economic strength for the benefit of residents, neighbours and visitors.

The Town of Inuvik supports a caring community, with quality programs and services, including abundant recreation and arts options, healthy infrastructure, and environmentally sustainable practices.

Inuvik’s stable, diversified economy, partnership with our Indigenous neighbours, and emphasis on innovation and emerging technologies positions the community for success and sustainable ongoing development.”

Highlighting the history and culture of this area and the value the municipal government places on its heritage and Indigenous peoples of the region can be a common thread throughout municipal planning and policy documents.

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