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Scavenging Policy

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Waste Removal Services

Garbage Scavenging By-law No. 1864/H&S/00 regulates scavenging at the Town of Inuvik Solid Waste Disposal Facility. The by-law provides a safe and healthy work environment for Solid Waste Disposal Facility employees, commercial disposal staff and citizens using the Inuvik Solid waste Landfill site.

By-law No. 1864/H&S/00 states:

  • A Solid Waste Salvage Permit must be obtained from the Town of Inuvik prior to the salvaging or removal any material from the SWDF.
  • No person shall break open, disperse or remove waste from the domestic waste dump, unloading ramp or disposal area.
  • Every person who contravenes the provisions of the by-law is guilty of an offense, and is liable, upon conviction

In addition, the following are not allowed:  

  • Selling for personal gain any material that could be recovered and sold through the recycling programs.
  • Entering the landfill after working hours or off-the-clock to engage in scavenging

There is no charge for a scavenging permit.

At the Solid Waste Disposal Facility, a designated area has been identified for the disposal of recyclable items.

For more information, please contact the Director of Public Works.