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Development Applications

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Planning and Development

The Town of Inuvik requires all individuals and businesses to have a permit for development and building taking place. The requirements are outlined in Town of Inuvik Zoning By-law.  Permit fees apply.


Land Development


Land Development Application


Typical Site Plan

Typical Land Development Site Plan


Informational Brochure

Land Development Informational Brochure



Construction Application


Typical Site Plan

Typical Construction Site Plan


Typical Construction Drawings

Typical Construction Drawings


Informational Brochure

Construction Informational Brochure



Excavation Application


Typical Site Plan

Typical Excavation Site Plan


Informational Brochure

Excavation Informational Brochure

Accessory Use


Accessory Use Application


Typical Site Plan

Typical Accessory Use Site Plan


Informational Brochure

Accessory Use Informational Brochure

Porches and Decks


Porches and Decks Application


Typical Site Plan

Typical  Porches and Decks Site Plan


Informational Brochure

Porches and Decks Informational Brochure



Fence Application


Typical Site Plan

Typical Fence Site Plan


Informational Brochure

Fence Informational Brochure



Sign Application


Typical Drawings 

Typical Sign Drawings 


Informational Brochure

Sign Informational Brochure

Home Occupation


Home Occupation Application


Informational Brochure

Home Occupation Informational Brochure


 What is a Home Occupation?

A Home occupation is any occupation, trade, profession or craft carried out by the occupant of a residential building which is incidental and subordinate to the residential use and which does not change the character thereof. A home occupation permit applies to all home-based business that may be full-time, part-time or even an occasional venture.

Generally, if your business mail comes to your home address and/ or administrative duties are conducted from your home you will require a Home Occupation permit.

 General Rules for Home Occupation

1) A home occupation shall not be permitted in a residence if, in the opinion of Council the business would be more appropriately located in a Commercial or Industrial zone.

2) A resident who intends to operate a home business where permitted under this by-law, shall make application for the following:

a. a development permit that shall be in effect for the period the home occupation is operated; and

b. a business licence that shall be in effect for the period of one calendar year requiring annual renewal to continue the home occupation.

3) All home occupations, if given approval, shall comply with the following provisions:

a. no outdoor business activity, storage of materials or equipment shall be associated with the business;

b. the business shall not generate pedestrian traffic, vehicular traffic or parking in excess of that which is characteristic of the zone within which it is located;

c. the number of employees shall not exceed three at any one time;

d. the number of customers in attendance at any one time is limited to six (6) unless otherwise determined by Council;

e. There shall be no exterior display or advertisement, other than a permitted sign measuring 45.7 cm x 60.9 cm (18" x 24");

f. No equipment/activity that results in noise and/or interference (i.e. visible, audible) to radio or television reception in adjacent buildings will be used;

g. The business shall be operated as a secondary use only, and shall not change the principal character or external appearance of the dwelling involved; and

h. The following lists some of the more common types of home occupations (but is by no means exclusive):

i. The small-scale manufacture of novelties, souvenirs and handicrafts;

ii. Stamp and coin collecting and/or sales;

iii. Private music instruction;

iv. Hair salon;

 v. The minor repair of domestic equipment normally used within dwellings;

vi. The office of a professional or business person, if and only if the business or profession is conducted in the dwelling unit used by the person as their private residence.

 Violation Penalties

Any person found operating a business out of a residential unit without a home occupation permit is in violation of the Town of Inuvik Zoning By-law No. 2523/P+D/15 and maybe liable to a fine of up to $5,000 for an individual and $100,000 for a conviction.

Anyone looking to run a home occupation in a residential area should first view the zoning regulations and consult with the Town of Inuvik Planning and Development Department.



Development Variance Application


Application Forms:

To see the current issued permit please refer to Development Permit Granted
For more information, please contact the Development Officer.